Pear on Wooden Crate Still Life Painting

03 2009 pear on crate.jpg

Pear on Wooden Crate – 8” x 8” – Oil on Canvas Panel

Last weekend I decided to start experimenting more with oil mediums. This painting was painted almost entirely with the aid of Liquin. Most of the time when I paint, it is with the paint straight from the tube. I like the thickness of the paint and the quality of brushstrokes you achieve with using paint this way. However I am trying to branch out and try different methods. So using medium seemed like the correct next step.

I choose to use liquin because supposedly it makes oil paint dry faster; I am still not sure about that. Getting paint to dry faster has been an issue since I have been using titanium white more often and it takes forever to dry and setup versus cremnitz white, which is my white of choice.

Yesterday I spent most of my time fine tuning and working on the wood grain of the crate. All an exercise in patience and observation.