Inspiration & Palette

03 2009 paint pallette.jpg

This week has been a visually stimulating week. A record was made, I painted four days in a row. I am feeling happy and exhausted now that it is Friday evening. The painting I worked on yesterday and most of today still needs a few more finishing touches so I will post it early next week when it is complete. In place of a painting photo, here is one of my paint palette.

The palette a piece of masonite that has been spray painted a medium gray to provide a uniform neutral background to mix paint. I typically paint with a straight pigment and white for most colors, mixing some on the palette but majority of time I mix on the painting itself. The colors are (clockwise from the lower left hand corner): Cobalt Violet, Raw Umber, Dio. Purple, French Ultra Marine, Cobalt Blue, Cerulean Blue, Cobalt Turquoise, Cobalt Green, Windsor Green, Viridian, Cad. Green Lt., Cad. Lemon, Cad. Yellow Lt., Cad Yellow, Naples Yellow, Old Holland Brilliant Yellow Lt., Indian Yellow, Jaune Brilliant, Cad. Scarlet, Cad. Red, Cad. Red Deep, Perylene Red, Quinaqridone Red, Permanent Rose, Permanent Alizarin Crimson, Brilliant Yellow-Reddish, Cremnitz White, Tit. White, Zinc Buff, and Ivory Black.

During the week I follow several blogs, they are my way of connecting with fascinationg pop culture. Here are a few posts that captured my thoughts this week:

~ Artslice’s post on Natelie Goldberg ~ I have added these books to my ever growing reading list.
~ Bliss’s polaroids
~ An Aesthete’s Lament ~ “Well said Phillip Borsinney” and “Well Written John Galsworth” ~ I read the Forsythe Sage this January, it was an interesting survey of Victorian England.
~ Interesting Quote