Blueberries Still Life

04 2009 blueberries I.jpg

Blueberries – 4" x 6" – Oil on Canvas Panel – SOLD

Today was a fun and frenzied day, which started with getting up and completing this painting. After which I worked some on a self portrait in charcoal. A personal goal I have for this month is to complete 5-6 academic quality drawings, and as drawing myself in the mirror requires no model fees it seemed like a good start.

It is an interesting exercise drawing yourself, at first I started to feel very self conscious of all of my features. By the end of the drawing session it was just another face to try to capture accurately and thoughtfully. Tomorrow I will start to work more in fine tuning the drawing and then developing the shading and highlights.

The frenzied part of the day was that I wanted to complete all of my art goals while also getting a run in, cooking dinner, and completing some house chores and in the evening attending my Pilates class. Sometimes I feel like it is just not possible to complete everything I set out to in a single day. I think this is something to work on. Now that I am no longer working in the architecture firm, “work” is not an excuse as to why something did not get completed. Time management is all my responsibility.

Have you ever had to deal with this? If so how did everything settle down and get done?