Blueberries #2 Still Life

04 2009 blueberries II.jpg

Blueberries #2 – 4" x 6" – Oil on Canvas Panel – SOLD


Today is turning out to be a more organized and calm day. After yesterday’s craziness I decided to reduce the number of tasks by three on any given day. So for now on, I will write out my dream list, and then cross out three. This way if I complete all on my list I can always go back to those that were removed.

Here is another blueberry painting, it was fun doing the first one, so why not try again. The color palette of this painting is a bit of a complementary color palette (blue and orange) with the background being a very creamy white to heighten the blues of the berries. This afternoon I found these interesting photos of blueberries on Flickr – 1) Giant Blueberry, 2) Blueberries, 3) Blueberies Close Up, and 4) Blueberry. Did you know that blueberry plants are so colorful? I didn’t.

Have a great evening, Liz