Forelle Pear #4 Daily Painting

04 2009 forelle pear 4.jpg

Forelle Pear #4 – 6" x 4" – Oil on Canvas Panel – SOLD

Here is the last pear of this series, and it was completed predominately with round brushes. This week of actively trying new painting techniques and working through the process has been good, in that I think I am starting to get the swing of using the rounds. There were times during this series when I wanted to go back to my comfort zone and pick up a bristle filbert paint brush (on Tuesday I did just that). Though by setting the parameters with each daily painting a new comfort level has been achieved and that was the goal.

This week I have been reading on Heather Smith Jones’ blog about her thoughts on creativity here and here. These two posts have been meaningful for me as I am personally working on how to balance all the art projects floating around in my head and the constraints life sometimes imposes.

Since Sunday I have been working on a 16 x 20 inch painting and this daily painting series. They have consumed my days, standing at the easel for long periods of time and when taking breaks still thinking about them. On a mental level this week has been wonderful however it has overworked my back. Where my existing back injury has flared up and yesterday I had to see my physical therapist. She encouraged me to slow down. Bittersweet advice as I really want to paint. Tomorrow I am planning to find other ways to be creative and help soothe the back injury so next week will not be hindered with sciatic pain. It was Heather’s posts that reminded me that creativity comes in ebbs and flows and it is okay for the experiences to not be what you expected. How some areas feed others.

I am curious, how have you found balance in your life and creativity?