Weekend Fun

05 2009 slim 2.jpg

Hi there!

It is Tuesday night already, the past four days have been going by very fast. Over the weekend Steve and I helped his parents clean out his grandmother's storage unit. It was full of all sorts of things, that were divided up between us, and Steve's parents, sister, and cousin from Dallas, Texas. Being that I am "crafty" I got all the yarn and art supplies.

Here is Slim staking claim on some of the yarn. Our living room no longer looks like this, this was just the beginning phase of figuring out all there was, on Monday I sorted and organized the yarn into bins for future projects. I am hung up on doing a granny square blanket like this one. I have enough bright colors, I would just need to buy the white/cream yard for the boarder.

And here Slim has found a new place to hang out, on top of two lap blankets.

Did you enjoy your weekend?