Boston Sketchbook {Part 2}

05 2009 Boston skbk 6.jpg


I am back with some more sketchbook pages from Boston. These are all from my last day in Boston, I was really inspired to draw and observe that day. On the previous days I was more caught up with thoughts and musing about different ideas on how best to go about developing my art career. I spent a lot of time thinking and I feel it in my bones that some decisions were made, though in a lot of ways I think the ideas still need time to crystallize into more definable goals… Does this ever happen to you? After making decisions in your gut, you still need to take time and let them settle so your brain can understand them more. Right now that is where I am at.

While in Boston I visited the Boston Public Library, the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, and the Isabella Gardner Museum.

These two layouts are from the Isabella Gardner Museum

This sketch was from a long wait at a bus stop.

The Museum of Fine Arts had a great special exhibit on Titian, Tintoretto, and Veronese. If you are fortunate to visit Boston this summer, try to make time to visit this exhibit, it was really great seeing so many strong paintings in one grouping and to learn how the individual artists were influenced by each other. And for a more eclectic museum visit go to the Isabella Gardner museum. This place had some truly remarkable pieces, including the Sergeant painting El Jaleo. It really knocked my socks off.

That is all I have to share now, see you tomorrow with a post about the Artomatic show and photos of my wall there. Tomorrow is the last day to set up before the opening this Friday, May 29th.