Friday Inspiration

05 2009 friday inspiration.jpg

Hello my friends,
Here are a few links that have brought smiles to my heart this month.
~ Caitlin shared a thoughtful poem about the journey of life
~ A sketchbook entry by Ester was a real joy to see
~ I like reading other artist's view about why we share art
~ I liked the brightness of this painting
~ Gennine's fishies are about as amazing as her birdies
~ Lisa Call has had an amazing month and has written several posts that were motivational and thought provoking, here, here, and here
Reading other blogs is so fun and helpful, in providing inspiration, motivation, and a connection to other artistic and thoughful souls. I am so thankful to these and other bloggers that share their experiences, feelings and thoughts with the world at large. Thank you bloggers!
Do you follow any specific blogs? what are your favorites? Leave a link in the comments, I would love to meet new friends.
Have a wonderful weekend! Liz