Lemon and Lavender {a daily painting}

07 2009 lemon and lavender.jpg
Lemon and Lavender – 4" x 6" (10.2 x 15.25 cm) – Oil Canvas Panel

Lately I have been beat by the end of the day. I so enjoy writing about the creative process and what I have been focusing on, though recently I have been mentally too tired to articulate what has been going on in my brain while painting. I think this is because I am currently juggling several different projects while also striving to maintain frequent postings of “daily paintings”. In the future there may be times when I only post an image and basic information about the daily painting. When my verbal side of the brain is in sync, I will share more with you about the process.

Today’s painting was started on Thursday, but the light faded before completing it. This afternoon, I changed the setup slightly and started over. I think having a few days to contemplate it helped out, deciding to lighten the foreground some and capturing the lavender in a more impressionistic method rather than being too literal in copying reality. I also made the entire painting more high key in value, to emphasize the feeling of summer and sunshine, two things that lavender and lemons remind me of.

Have a nice evening, and thanks for stopping by, Liz