Friday Inspiration: New Projects & Links

07 2009 Friday Inspiration 3.jpg
{borrowed still life props from dear Chrish}
How has your week been? DC has been having such a lovely summer, days averaging in the mid-80s and sunny, sunny, sunny. All this week the windows and sliding door have been left open, letting fresh air in.
I am working on some new painting projects using Morroccan bowls borrowed from a good friend who has lived in many places and has some beautiful treasures. As I am keeping these paintings under wraps I thought it would be nice to share with you a photo of two of the pieces.
Here are the links I came across this week, hope you find them interesting:
} Two separate posts about creativity and process. Anna T. posted about exploration and going with the flow, which I find to be so crucial when experiencing art and here is a series where I was exploring in a similar way. While Lisa Call's new blog about art business had a great post on motivation by accountability. Different focus but equally thought provoking in my mind, I have been pondering this week how to retain a level of both of these ideas while going about the process of creating art.
} This is a post about design and home decor, and I beleive what Shannon Fricke discusses about how to start a design project is similar to creating art, that is the best way to start is just to begin.
} Nina Johansson posted a beautiful watercolor, with the main hue being purple.
} Michael Naples posted a lovely daily painting, I like the painterly effect of the sky and the line quality of the power lines.

} Kerri Settle has been using Cad. Orange to great effect in her recent paintings. I love it when a new tube of paint is added to the palette and the new adventures it brings life, this week I have just added Chromium Oxide and I love it!
Have a wonderful weekend, and if there are any posts or items of interest that have particularly inspired you this week, please share :)