Black Eyed Susan #2 {a daily painting}

07 2009 black eyed susan 2.jpg
Black Eyed Susan #2 – 5" x 7" (12.7 x 17.8 cm) – Oil Canvas Panel

This painting was completed a few days ago, it just did not get posted because of other things going on.

After completing the previous black eyed susan painting I wanted another go at it, this time working with the various opacities of the paints and different paint combinations. Recently I added burnt sienna and yellow ochre to my paint palette, previously avoiding these earth tones for the more intense cadmium yellows and cadmium orange. It has been fun experimenting with how yellow ochre added to cad yellow pale will knock down the saturation without turning it too orange or gray. I also liked discovering how burnt sienna added to the yellows makes for a wonderful de-saturated yellow, good for yellow objects in shade. Typically I use complementary colors to knock down the saturation of a color. Using earth tones sometimes brings about the same goals without graying the color too much.