Looking for Clarity

09 2009 detail of bowl.jpg
{detail of a painting}

Hello ~

Sometimes I have difficulty articulating everything that is going on in my brain in an easy to understand way. Typically with discussions I tend to talk about everything related or unrelated and somehow it works. But when writing a blog post this method just will not work and I always try to stay on one subject per post and build upon the previous posts so there is a sense of continuity.

Since Monday I have been trying to rein in the ideas and discuss the various topics that are on my mind, and it has been difficult. I place the reason why I am unable to focus in and develop a single idea to discuss on how September is turning out to be. I began this month thinking attending two workshops and a seminar would be a nice change, little knowing it would alter my thoughts about how I view my work and transform my attitude about earning a living as an artist.

This is what has happened.

I love being an artist, creating beautiful paintings and drawings that reflect the emotive qualities I value in life. I also want to balance this personal dedication with a means of covering my costs and earning a living. These are big issues and I think sometimes the hardest thing individual artists have to balance and I am still in the discovery process. Again and again during times like these I am reminded that creativity comes in ebbs and flows. Allowing for breathing room in the creative process and which direction I will go over the next few months.

For what remains of the week, I am going to focus on the landscape workshop I am taking with Susan Abbott and learn all I can, give myself some breathing room, and enjoy the change in climate as autumn seems to have arrived in the DC area. As the ideas clarify I will share them with you, until then thanks for stopping by.