Treasures from Afar

09 2009 treasures from afar v2.jpg
Treasures from Afar {reworked version}
18" x 24" (45.7 x 61 cm) – Oil on Canvas

This week is flying by and so far nothing is in the proper state to really share, so here is a painting I have been reworking some {here is the previous version}. It has a new background, some new layers of paint here and there, and it is almost finished - I am going to work some more on the lemons and the small bowl with green leaf pattern.

I am pretty excited that it is now October, which has historically been a good month. I am working on a few things and soon will be able to share them, they are not quite where I want them to be before revealing them. Tomorrow is also the second drawing class of fall term with Robert Liberace, this quarter we are working with the terra-cotta verithin pencils {which mimics the classical red chalk drawings} and silverpoint, a medium I absolutely adore and need to practice more.

See you tomorrow, Liz

Here is a link to the previous post about this painting where I describe some of the painting process.