A little down lately...

10 2009 slim on bookshelf.jpg
{Slim napping in one of her favorite places}


You may have noticed that there has been reduced posting last month and so far this month, this is due to my overall funk and concern for my kitty, Slim. She is eight years old and last month we found out that she is pretty ill. A lot of my energy has been dedicated to taking care of her and trying to find some balance. She really means a lot to me and I am pretty worried as we are trying to solve the mystery of what is causing the condition.

As you can see she still is pretty agile as she is able to jump up to her favorite spot, move around, play, and overall be her normal self. It was only when talking with a friend last night about Slim’s condition and my friend’s thoughtful observation that I seemed pretty stressed about it that I realized how much I am. Thank you Marie for helping me see and feel.

As we continue to monitor Slim, I feel confident we will figure it out and find a way to take care of her so she will have several more years in our life. I will also try to find more balance and direction with my art, staying on track with some projects I am working on and get back into the grove of everything. As today's drawing class is canceled I am going to focus on organizing for winter and maybe cooking a nice meal. Extra cleaning and picking up always helps clear my head and regain some focus. Maybe I will be able to salvage some inspiration and work on a new painting I have in mind.

Until next time, have a nice weekend.


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