Life has been crazy...

11 2009 slim and packing paper.jpg
{Slim in the middle of it all}
S. and I are moving in little over a week. This has come on pretty fast as we were not planning on making a move for awhile but our apartment building has decided to complete some very intrusive repairs outside of our place. This consturction makes it impossible for me to work in the studio during the week.
So the decision to move came about two weeks into this construction, we found a place and are acting fast! The sooner we are out of here the better and I can get back into a routine of painting and my normal life.
Slim so far is enjoying the process as she likes the packing paper. Also check out this flickr group for Abyssinian and Somali Cats, too Cute!
Have a nice evening, Liz
Elizabeth Floydmusings, Slim