Pomegranate on Old Crate Still Life

20100106 pomagranate 10x8.jpg
Pomegranate on Old Crate – 10" x 8" (25 x 20.3 cm) –
Oil Canvas Panel
Hello there!

How has your day been? Wednesday started off okay here, we had some snow flurries {my first reaction was OH NO is it going to snow? I did not remember hearing about that on the weather… phew! it will only snow lightly and in the morning…} then trying out a new Cardio class at the local rec center, and then I got down to business in the studio. In the later afternoon when taking a break I found Slim on our dining room table… somewhere she is not supposed to be… I took some photos because she was so pretty.

This is my first painting completed in 2010 and in the new studio. So far so good, I like the space and the quality of light. Since Tuesday I have changed the layout of the furniture some and think I will be able to have a place to keep some drawing material out while also having the painting setup. This is nice because in the last place if I wanted two work stations {one for drawing and one for painting} it was necessary to take over the dining room table. At the apartment for about five months S. and I did not eat at the table but on the sofa in front of the TV because I was using both areas. This feels more civilized and mature because now if we choose not to eat at the dining table it is our prerogative instead of my confiscating that work surface.

I am not sure if I will be able to get into the studio tomorrow because I am having an EMG test done on my left leg because of my long standing back injury that is just not going away. One of my resolutions for 2010 includes investigating further if back surgery is required, so tomorrow starts the battery of tests, x-rays and such that need to take place to get a more developed picture of what is going on. Yuck, I am not looking forward to it, but it is something that needs to happen…

So have a good night and see you soon,