Friday Morning


Good Morning ~

These lovely flowers are from my dear S. and I got them for being a real trooper because yesterday I found out the results of all the tests regarding my back injury. Things turned out to be better than hoped, I will not need to have surgery, which I am very grateful for, but I will need to continue with physical therapy. The being a trooper part is because I survived the horrible experience of having a cortizone shot in one of the inflamed joints that is causing all the back and sciatic pain. I had heard that they would be painful, but to the level it turned out to be I was not prepared for...

This morning is starting off a little slow, as I am sore after yesterday, though I need to get in gear as I am headed to the first figure drawing class of the winter term.

I am hopeful this weekend will be filled with art making, of any kind. So I will see you soon...

Thanks for stopping by and spending time reading,


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