Interesting House

Driving towards Claredon today I passed by a building site I have been keeping my eye on for awhile. It is an infill project in the historic neighborhood just between Wilson Blvd and 10th Street in Arlington. What I love about this house is that it is the same building scale as the neighboring houses, the detailing is traditional in that the size of windows and trim are reminescent of older homes while it also has some modern interpretation incorporated into part of the design. The south facing roof has PV panels, and the modern front porch is glassed in.

New House 1

New House 3

I really like the 2 over 2 windows and
simple lines of the front entry way
New House 4

This is the neighboring house, which I have always loved.

The shingle siding on the 2nd floor is slate and the base is rusticated stone.
This picture does not do it justice....
Old 4-Square House
Elizabeth Floydarchitecture