Awakening Series
{awakening watercolor series & a new orchid}
Well hello there,
It has been awhile since my last post, life has still be full of sorting out all sorts of things...
I am diving into physical therapy for my back {which is improving the situation} and I am embracing my two words for the year growth & inquiry. Every time I have entered the studio lately exploration and trying new things have been taking precedence, which means a lot of started paintings have been scraped down. It is all about process and enjoying the experience. I have been spending more time offline, reading, observing, drawing, and painting. Sometimes spending time in the studio only thinking about art.
In the coming weeks, as I continue to explore and spread creative wings full of inquiry, I am choosing to blog once or twice a week. It is important to me to use time in a way that encourages process and investigation.
It is also important to me in how I am sharing with you, I appreciate your time spent here on the blog. In this I want to share with you completed thoughts, not fragmented threads that have yet to develop into something whole.