Two more figure drawings

With all my time focused on painting and learning new techniques I have been a little behind in posting the drawings from Robert Liberace's drawing class. The first one is now completed, previously I had posted a work in progress image. Our model was from Brazil with beautiful olive skin and I was working on a creamy colored paper. Once I added some tone to capture here skintone value, the drawing came together. The drawing was completed over three class sessions.
20100129 seated figure
Seated Figure
{half sheet of guttenburg laid - general's charcoal pencils}
20100219 male torso
Male Torso
{ 11x14 inches Strathmore 400 Series drawing paper - general's charcoal pencils}

This drawing was a completed today in one session because of all the missed classes due to the snow storms that hit DC starting two weeks ago Friday. Our model had been scheduled for more sessions but due to class cancelations this is the only one that he is able to attend. The drawing started out as only a study of the arm and hand {hands are drawing obsession right now} and as the day proceeded I started to add more of the torso.

I have a few paintings in the oven and if things go well I will share them with you soon. Until then, have a nice weekend! Liz