Work in Progress: Danni's Treasures

20100616 WIP lemons and rug1.jpg

{roses from our garden}

I am excited to share with you that my roses are blooming right now! After copying the Claudio Bravo drawing last month, I got inspired to have my own roses. So that very weekend I planted three different bushes, pruned and fertilized them as recommended. It was heartbreaking to prune back the existing blooms, though I had received the advice to do it from a good authority that said the plants needed the energy to build healthy roots. He also said this would lead to healthier blooms later, and he was right!

It has been a busy week attending a still life workshop taught by Danni Dawson. The painting is still in progress, so here is a sneak peak of a part of it, the other side I am still figuring out the composition... I will work on it more next week.

I am so looking forward to the weekend. Nothing fancy is planned, just a different pace and the opportunity of working in my own studio, something I love doing :)
Have a wonderful weekend, Liz