Weekend Windup

sunset on lake geneva1.jpg
I tend to use weekends as catch alls for all the loose ends that were not completed during the week. This weekend in particular went by fast. I spent some time preparing a talk/slide show on the art of Gustave Courbet. I so admire his individual spirit.
Then a lot of time was spent in my vegetable garden. Removing my peas to make way for something else and harvesting a basket full of string beans and admiring the growing lima bean pods. Two of my squash plants have become victims of the squash vine borer, so I pulled them out and re-seeded to make up for the loss. This is my first summer with a vegetable patch, it has been fun and I am learning a lot, though it does require a good amount of time as well.

Tomorrow I will be back to the paintings from last week... Before going, here is a new website I found, I particularly like this video about Symbolist, Fernand Khnopff.

Thanks for reading :)