Danni's Treasures {now finished}

20100706 Dannis Treasures
Danni’s Treasures – 12" x 16" (30.5 x 40.6 cm) – oil on linen
Last week I was lucky enough to finish this painting. It was completed in Danni Dawson’s studio in Arlington, where she gave me access to her studio and home while she was away teaching in Italy. Working in Danni’s studio was amazing, the quality of light is magnificent, she has a large northern window to provide the overall ambient light then there are smaller windows on the east and south wall, which allows for subtle light quality differences. This painting was set up near the east window, so the light was best in the mid to late afternoon, eastern light is also a little warmer in temperature than true northern light.

To date this is my most detail oriented painting, I was constantly trying to balance the detail of the rug pattern in the background and foreground while always making the cup the most important feature of the painting. The cup is a French antique with the most wonderful modulated glaze with the delicate blue pattern.

Working away from home for the past three weeks has been exhilarating in that it was like a mini artist residency, when I would take breaks I would read through various art books and think about what to paint next. Ideas are floating around in my head and I am starting a new project this week.

See you soon! Thanks for stopping by and reading,