Back from Texas

Dirt Road
{dirt road near Castroville, TX}


I am back from Texas and want to share with you some of the "art" highlights of my trip. The trip was prompted because I wanted to attend my cousin's wedding and to catch up with family in both Castroville and San Antonio. Luckily there was time enough to mix in a few art related excursions.

On Thursday I visited La Villita in downtown San Antonio. I knew Susan Carlin had a small gallery there and made a special point to visit her. She has been such an inspiration for me over the past few years and it was an opportunity I did not want to miss out on. {though I must admit I am more often a lurker than a commenter... that will have to change now that I have met her!}

Susan Carlin & her new gallery
{Susan Carlin in front of her new digs, Nueva Street Gallery}

Susan was in the midst of moving from her old gallery space to a new one also located within La Villita. She was scheduled to reopen the next day! And she still spent time with me talking about the past year and her postive experience of owning her own gallery space. She is such a generous soul!

Some of Susan's Work
{some of Susan's work}

View of Susan's Gallery

{Inside her new gallery, I love the bank of north windows...}

The next day I visited the McNay Art Museum in the Alamo Heights area of San Antonio. It was a super relaxing and invigorating at the same time, if that is possible? Well, that is how I felt after spending almost 3 hours viewing the different galleries.

Central Fountain
{the inner courtyard at the McNay Museum}

I am learning that it is close to impossible to leave the architect in me behind when I visit places, half of the photos taken at the McNay ended up being architectural oriented... {here is a link to all the photos taken}

Tile Flooring
{some amazing floor tile at the McNay}

Saturday was my last full day in San Antonio. I had plans to have lunch with my cousin, and during our initial conversation she brought up that Sara Winters is one of her good friends. So after we spent some time catching up, we invited her to join us for lunch as well. She came with her little boy, who behaved very well for a little one. I enjoyed meeting her and getting to hear the good news that she had sold a painting that weekend! I feel it is the little rewards of sharing your passion for something that makes the world so full and joyful and when someone rewards you with wanting to own your art, that feeling is just magical...

The six days went by fast. I am ready for a break, but I have already been diving into the studio. Tomorrow I will share with you the progress I made on the Vase of Flowers copyist piece today while at the NGA.

Until then, have a wonderful evening, Liz

A Longhorn!!!
{longhorn at sunset}