Week 11: Vase of Flowers by Jan Davidsz de Heem

week 11
{at the beginning of the day}


This morning I had to wait a bit until a NGA facilities employee brought my easel to begin painting. So I set up my carrying case that holds all my painting supplies to prop up my copy near the original. As you can see, my colors are a bit more intense than the original's and I account the darkened image of the original to age, as paintings age linseed oil will darken some, dirt accumulates on the surface, and sometimes the paint pigments are fugitive.

As I move forward I will probably add additional glazes to the painting to get the two to match a little more than they do now.

week 11
{this week's work area}

After completing the white poppy last week, this week felt rather anticlimatic, because what I worked on was not a big benchmark flower... what I worked on was the area between the white poppy and hydrangea, and beginning to define the boundary of the red and white poppy {that is what I think the flower is}. Next week will be more about developing the larger tulips and maybe getting into some of the finer points of the flowers.

week 11
{status at the end of the day}

Thanks for sharing in this process.