WIP {a new floral painting}


WIP lilies ptg
{third session - mid-day point}

Today was spent in the studio working on this painting. I began it a few weeks ago and I have been letting it sit on the easel while I figure out how to go forward. Finally after about a week of contemplating how to tackle the sequencing I am now ready to get back into the game and start painting.

The major thing thathat has made this a difficult painting to proceed rapidly is the very smooth surface of the linen. Because of the smooth surface the first layer of paint must set up and dry before I can apply subsequent layers. Once the first layers are down and they have dried it is much more easy to apply the next layers of paint, which is helpful because I paint wet into wet and use the underlayers when painting.

The original flowers that were blocked in on the first day are no longer around, instead I am using new flowers to cue for color and working from a photo for the shape and form of the flowers. So far it is working.

I beleive this will be a long project to complete because of all the effects of the glass bottles, so I will occasionally share an update of progress as I go along.

Have a nice evening and thanks for stopping by, Liz