Week 19: Vase of Flowers by Jan Davidsz de Heem


week 18: end of day
{end of day status}


This is where I am on this painting, after spending so much time on it and seeing that the majority of the painting is complete I am having a hard time not rushing to the finish line... However I do not want to rush the experience and to make sure that the majority of the details are included, especially the ants and insects! It would be a shame to short cut the final stage.

For this week's visit I focused mainly on finishing the red poppy and fine tuning the black berries and immediate surrounding area.

week 18: beginning of day
{beginning of day detail}

week 18: mid-day

week 18: end of day detail
{end of day}

Next week the butterfly and the blackberries will get some additional attention. Then I will begin working on the highlights and reflections in the glass vase and the little flowers and misc details that fill up this area.

{detail of the original painting}