Friday Inspriation: Sketchbooks


prendergast sketchbook entry
{sketchbook entry by Maurice Prendergast}


This week I received an email from Spanierman Galleries in New York city that included a link to a sketchbook by Prendergast. What I found remarkable about this sketchbook is how the book was used, some pages were beautifully conceived sketches with color while others were half thoughts, though I would expect that each page when viewed by Prendergast was informative and helpful in some way when he would leaf through it. This is what happens when I go through old sketchbooks of my own...

After spending some time perusing this sketchbook I began to think about other artists who also keep sketchbooks and how with the assistance of blogging they share their experiences. Here are a few of my favorite links to other artists and sketchbook resources.

Artist Blogs:
. Woolgathering
. Travels with a Sketchbook in...
. Cuatro Ojos
. Bonecos de Bolso
. Desenhador do Quotidiano

Other Resources:
. Artist's Sketchbook Magazine
. Art Journaling Magazine
. Sketchbook page on Squidoo

. Sketchbook Project, this is an opportunity to participate in a traveling exhibition where you submit a sketchbook

I was wondering, do you keep a sketchbook? In the past I have kept sketchbooks, but lately I find that instead of keeping a sketchbook per se, I really keep an idea book, a place where I jot down ideas for future paintings and such...

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