Friday Inspiration: Books and Friends


{a pile of books - either gifts or borrowed from friends}

Last week I shared with you how friends are a great source for inspiration. For me, books are often paired with friends because of the sharing, giving, and receiving of books that occurs.

One of my favorite joys in life is getting to read. One never knows where inspiration will come from, and I believe through reading I am able to gain insight beyond my experience or knowledge.

Before Naomi came into my life I would wake up an hour earlier than required so I could have uninterrupted time to read, now I am not so lucky, especially as I am always on the edge of being sleep deprived, but when I do get to read, a warm glow pervades my existence and I feel like all is well in the world.

Currently I have a stack of books that I have been looking through, Richard Schmidt's Alla Prima is the book I have been reading snippets from the most... it is borrowed, however I have decided to buy my own copy, and I am just waiting for it to arrive in the mail.