Still Life Quick Heart

piet mondrian1.jpg
Margaret Preston The Fish Bowl 1910 {source}

Good Morning,

I thought I would share one of my favorite blogs

- Still Life Quick Heart -

Often I will visit this blog to get a little visual stimulation. I love how there is a wide variety of styles, subjects, and materials used. Another great aspect of this blog, is how it is organized, each image identifies the artist, title of piece with a link, and the timeframe of when it was created.

Several images are posted each day, so there is always something of interest to be found...

John Singer Sargent Still Life with Daffodils 1885-95 {source}
Arturo Michelena
1894 {source}
Dennis Mogelgaard
2006 {source}

Ernest Quost Flower Garden 1890
Clifford Harrison

Trompe l’oeil of Six Delft Plates 1976

Piet Mondrian Chrysanthemum 1908–09