Friday Inspiration: The Aesthetic Movement

I came across this great little video about the Aesthetic Movement in England. And thought I would share it with you...

Aestheticism (or the Aesthetic Movement) was a 19th century European art movement that emphasized aesthetic values more than socio-political themes for literature, fine art, the decorative arts, and interior design. Generally, it represents the same tendencies that symbolism or decadence represented in France, or decadentismo represented in Italy, and may be considered the British version of the same style. It was part of the anti-19th century reaction and had post-Romantic origins, and as such anticipates modernism. It was a feature of the late 19th century from about 1868 to about 1900. {source = Wikipedia}

UPDATE: for those who are unable to see the embedded video, visit the V&A Channel, the Cult of Beauty Video