Friday Inspiration: Take a Break Once in Awhile...

{Naomi in the backyard}

This week I learned that sometimes you need to slow down and take a break... What brought this important lesson home was that fact that I LOST a painting this week! And because things have been so busy, and off schedule, I have NO idea what happened to it!

Monday and Tuesday were exceptionally busy, long, and demanding days for me, and I just tried to incorporate too much into those days and losing a painting was the result., I just wanted to share with you, that sometimes the best source of inspiration comes from taking a break, getting away, and making time to be calm.

{Naomi taking her time while beginning to explore some...
oh, we can learn so much from just observing how babies
interact with the world around them.}

On Thursday, this is just what I did. We {Naomi and me} met a friend in DC to visit the French Galleries in the West Building of the NGA, caught up on things, and enjoyed the floral display in the rotunda.

{Me and Naomi at the NGA}

Have a wonderful weekend, and I hope you find a moment to just take some time for yourself.

UPDATE 3/26/2012:  I found the painting!  All I can say is, silly me...  now I have a system in place that will hopefully prevent a repeat of this EVER happening again!