Friday Inspiration: just keep painting


This week I read a wonderful interview on Loriann Signori's blog with M. Katherine Hurley. And I was struck by a few of her answers to the questions Loriann asked her.

"My paintings now show much more of the actual process. I want to reveal the push pull that happens as I paint... ...Now I am trying to hold back from destruction of mark. I want the view[er] to see the layers of things."

"...I just keep painting. That in itself is a learning process. Keeps adventure alive."

"I always have something started, ongoing. With something on the easel or table it makes it easier to wake up thinking about it. I put paint to canvas before I go to bed. Once the ball gets rolling it feeds itself. It gets its own energy."

I could not get any images of her work to post here, so be sure to visit M. Katherine Hurley's website to see examples of her work, and visit Loriann Signori's blog to read the interview.