Friday Inspiration: Fellowship of Female Artists

wpw-expedition_principle poster.jpg

This evening an exceptional exhibition opens at Principle Gallery here in Old Town Alexandria, Women Painting Women: the Expedition and Beyond. {The show runs from April 13 thru May 14, 2012.}

Thirteen female artists gathered for a week long retreat in November 2010 to paint and commune, and the paintings in this show were either created during the retreat or inspired by the retreat. What I find so captivating about this show is how this fellowship of female artists has came together and has continued to support each other in their careers.

And how did it begin? With a blog, Women Painting Women, created in 2009 by three artists, Sadie Valeri,Alia El-Bermani and Diane Feissel.

Amazing things can happen when the internet collides with the creativity of women!

Participating artists:
.Alexandra Tyng
.Alia El-Bermani
.Catherine Prescott
.Cindy Procious
.Diane Feissel
.Linda Tracey Brandon
.Mia Bergeron
.Rachel Constantine
.Sadie Valeri
.Stefani Tewes
.Terry Strickland
.Katherine Stone
.Shannon Runquist