Back online, just experiencing technical difficulties...

studio shelves in May 2012
{Shelves in the studio with this year's Mother's Day cards from Naomi and S.}


I just wanted to pop in and say hello, and this week's Bountiful Observation painting will be posted later today. Please stay tuned!

{here is my computer saga if you are interested}

Last week was a hard week because my computer totally imploded over the holiday weekend, ie. everything on the hard drive was lost!

Then it took longer than expected to have the computer delivered, so I lost a few days waiting for it to arrive. Most of my files have been able to be recovered because I had been using carbonite to back up my computer, though I have since learned that this sortof covers you but it is not perfect... Because carbonite had a glitch in the restore process and so only a portion of my files made it onto the new computer. My files are now a REAL mess and windows 7 seems to be locking some of my files and I have yet to figure out why as administer to my computer I still do not have the right to unlock them...

Today, marks the fourth day of trying to get my life back into this new computer. I have hit several road bumps, and today I am really feeling them, everything that was routine on my old computer is not on this new one.

I am looking forward to the end of this phase.

See you soon,