Friday Inspiration: Stopping and Looking


Do you ever take a moment to pause and admire a scene? It may only take a moment, a short breath of time in regard to everything else.

I enjoy stopping and looking, sometimes at nothing in particular. The pause is as much a reward as the sense of admiration that may bloom from the scene, helping me find the value I have in my life, in the present. Enabling me to be in the present and ward off the mental chatter that is always so forward thinking and full of shoulds... I should be doing this, I should be focusing on that, blah, blah, blah...

I enjoy savoring the sense of pleasure, finding the beautiful, and awakening to what is around me.

Over the weekend, I encourage you to give yourself a moment to stop and look about, admire the simple details before you. Maybe it is the light glinting off the edge of your cutlery, or the stitching on the hem of a cloth napkin, or the sound of a bird outside your window. Whatever it is, enjoy the moment, your present.

I hope this post inspires you to slow down and savor what is about you.

Have a wonderful weekend.