How blogging helped me see myself as an artist...

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{studio wall with misc daily paintings}


Tonight I am going to share with you how this blog of mine helped me accomplish the biggest, most secret dream I had for most of my young adult life.

The dream was to become a full-time artist.

First before getting into how blogging made this dream possible, here is a bit of background. I had been practicing architecture for about four years and was just turning 30 when I realized it really was not for me, I wanted a career that FED my soul. So after a lot of soul searching, I realized I wanted to become an artist. But at the rate I was going, I would never get there. I would try to set a schedule to work on art but often my plans would stall along the way until I stumbled upon the online community of artists who blogged.

{some favorite art books}

This was the summer of 2007, and it was a whole new experience for me to read about artists of all different skill levels creating, posting, and interacting online. I knew I wanted to be a part of this. So during the first week of September 2007, I started my blog, Elizabeth Floyd Studio, and IT. CHANGED. MY. LIFE.

First and foremost, blogging helped me see myself as an artist and to introduce my art to the world. This was new for me, because I had always thought of being an artist as something not achievable, not realistic, and not reasonable. But now, I was telling the world I was an artist and that I would be posting paintings I created.

{my palette}

Secondly, blogging made me accountable to show up and paint. This shifted my focus from being a hobbyist to a professional, because I took my career goals {to leave architecture and become a full-time artist} in hand, and dedicated the time and effort to achieving them. No more excuses were permitted. Putting off painting on a free weekend afternoon was no longer an option.

Blogging was also how I posted the results of growth. As my painting skills improved, I was able to monitor the progress from the first daily painting created to today.

{Most recent daily painting created}

Before having a blog, being an artist was really only a dream, once I established this blog, I got on a schedule, and I made a point to paint regularly so I would have something new to share. Within two and a half years from my first blog post I left my previous career and became the full-time artist I had always dreamed about. And I equate it to the positive experience of having this blog.

Thank you for all those who have followed this long and winding path. I am glad you stop by and still check in once in a while.  Your support and encouragement is so important to me.


{some still-life objects in my studio}

Thank you for taking the time today to read my story, this is the first time I have shared it in such a public arena. I was inspired to share it with you today because I am participating a Story Crafting Practicum hosted by: Brigitte Lyons on Unfettered Ink.

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