Friday Inspiration: Quiet Moments

jan bogaerts 051.jpg
{A still life with pears, flowers and a fan}
To end the week, here are some quiet moments captured by artist, Jan Bogaerts.  A dutch artist, who was masterful at elevating simple items to the sublime.  Objects that seem to have been left on a table near the front door or on the side board in the dining room.  Minutiae from the day, letters, books, fans, forgotten and piled for another time.  
I feel as if the people who regularly occupy these spaces have left and we are lucky enough to chance upon them, immediately understanding the domestic tranquility that pervades on a quite afternoon with only the furniture for company.

{Pink carnations with an ivory fan}
{Zinnias in a Glazed Pot}

{A still life with pink roses, a fan and a box on a marble ledge}

{White Carnations}

Unfortunately I cannot find any biographical information on this artist... Even so, I would love to have known him.  His sense of brevity, while also attending to detail speaks to my soul, I know we would have been friends.

Have a wonderful weekend,


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