Juggling and being behind...


{Naomi exploring}

Juggling it all, family, career, and personal, is a well balanced dance, and if one area gets out of whack, I begin to trip up and drop some balls.

I do not have a new Bountiful Observations painting to share with you today because I have had a series of days where my well planned days did not progress as hoped. Last week I botched a painting I had been working one, then on Sunday after a few hours of working on a new one, I stepped back and realized it also needed to wiped down, and today (Monday) began at 1:30am for me and Naomi. She has a head cold and cough, and was unable to got back to sleep dispite all my best efforts... And so no studio time was achieved and I do not expect much time a the easel tomorrow as well.

She is doing better this evening, she went down easily, and soon I too will crash in bed for some much needed sleep...

So, what are you juggling right now? How do you manage it? Do you have a little help or some secret that always sees you through? Please share your secret, as it may be just what I need right now :)

Sweet dreams to you, Liz