Friday Inspiration: Growing Roots in N. VA

09 21 2012 s and naomi1.jpg
{in the Northern Neck of VA}

I have lived in a lot of places. Before turning 18 I had already lived in three different states, and with those states I had lived in seven different cities. And the funny thing is, my parents were not in the military, they just moved and uprooted often.

So it is nice to reflect that in the last ten years my address has been in the same city. I like a settled in feeling, knowing I am growing roots, and beginning to really relate to an area.

{along King Street in Old Town Alexandria, my adopted hometown}

Northern Virginia has become my home.

And now that I have a daughter, this sense of growth and stability is even more important to me. I want her to benefit from the experience of growing up with childhood friends, a sense of connection to a community, and having one place in the world that is filled with memories from different eras of her young life.


Because I feel strongly about this, on weekends we have been making a point to take Naomi out and about to see and explore the area.

{Steve & Naomi}

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and that you to enjoy the place you call home.