Naomi's Creative Station

10 12 naomi creative space 51.jpg

Since June of this year, Naomi will express interest in drawing with crayons, (sometimes interspersed with chewing on the crayons, which makes me take them away for a bit...) and up until last month she would draw in her sketch book on the floor next to my desk.

{Naomi's sketch book}

Then at the end of August Courtney of a Thoughtful Place posted a round up of kid friendly spaces, and second image in her post sent me to Ikea to find the perfect "Lack"  table that would function as Naomi's work table.

Naomi now has her own spot, where she can sit and color. At all times there is a box that keeps her crayons and other bits, like the pine cone she picked up on a walk, and a sketch book on the table. I also hang drawings she does while at her babysitter's home.

It is so rewarding how sometimes I will hear ruffling of paper or some other small sound, and when I come to investigate, I find her sitting at her table, deep in concentration and intent on what is in front of her.

Elizabeth Floyddrawing, Naomi