Figs no. 2 {a daily painting} SOLD

20120920-0058 figs no 21.jpg

Figs no. 2

{6" x 5" (15.2 x 12.7 cm) – oil on linen panel}

It is always my goal to be a little bit ahead, so for the weeks where all sorts of things come up and it becomes more difficult to complete a painting, hopefully I will still have something new to post and share.

This painting sold at an arts festival "Arts on the Avenue" held Oct 6th, nearby in Alexandria's neighborhood of Del Ray.  During the festival, I displayed most of my extra supply of paintings and to my good luck, many of them sold.

This extra supply has been especially helpful, because last week I did not get to paint except for one afternoon, and I ended up having to scrape that painting down, because I had to make an emergency visit to the vet for my kitty, Slim.

{Slim lounging on the couch in better days...}

She had been suffering from an eye infection that got significantly worse at the end of last week.  It was a busy weekend tending to Slim and making sure she was comfortable.  Yesterday, Slim had a consultation with a Veterinarian Ophthalmologist {thank goodness they exist and we have them in the region} and we are now on a regime of medicine, drops, and pain killers.  Hopefully our little lady will begin to feel better soon.

I am hopeful that this week will see marked improvement in Slim and that I will also snatch some productive hours in the studio... I have since lost my cushion and now need to scramble some!

And, if you are a cat person, please send positive thoughts towards my little kitty.  She is SO very special.