Work in Progress: Petunias Triptych {Bountiful Observations Series}

20121021 WIP Petunias triptych1.jpg
{what is on the easel and the current setup}

Have you ever started a project, and once you were in the middle of it you realized it would require a LOT more time to complete? This happened to me last week when I began to work on the next painting in the Bountiful Observations series.

The DC region has been having such warm weather that my petunias have just been fantastic, and I wanted to paint them before a freeze occurs and kills them off. So instead of setting up one composition for a single painting, I was inspired to create three setups. All coordinated around three vases and some bowls I have from the cool shop, Anthropologie.

The first two paintings of the triptych are in different stages, somewhat near completion but not quite. And the third painting has been blocked in but I am still not satisfied, so will probably tweak it some more as this week progresses.

Next Monday I hope to have the first of this series ready to offer. So please stay tuned...