Watercolor & on Being a Mother

This week I pulled out the watercolor supplies and began to dabble with them again.  It has been a few years since I last used them and it was a pleasure exploring their properties.  When working with watercolor I am never quite sure how the painting will turn out because I like to experiment with the way pigment is dispersed in a wash of water, and revel in the happy accidents that occur.
While working with the watercolors this week I began to think about the similarities working with this medium has with being a mother.  In that I never know how a painting will turn out, all I can do is try my best, give it my whole attention by noticing the details and keeping an eye on the overall goals, and most of all, by hoping that because I have been fully engaged in the process, the painting becomes something to be proud of.
A lot like motherhood, don't you think?
My goal with Naomi is basically the same, I want her to grow up into a happy and resourceful person, someone to be proud of.  In being a mother to her, my goal is to interact with her in a cooperative and respectful manner, acknowledging that she has her own freewill and that she already enjoys doing certain things on her own, which almost always create unexpected outcomes.  I know ultimately Naomi will become her own person, and all I can do is be as fully engaged in her life as I can be and support her as she explores and grows.

the darling has a passion for collecting rocks,
we need to find a place to keep them all