Winter Wonderlands

Do you have snow where you are?  Here in DC, the weather is unseasonably warm, and I am dreaming of snow, the heady stuff that turns a mundane bit of ground into a wonderland.

When I was younger {when I was in jr. high} after a heavy snowfall, I would often go out on a long solitary walk in the woods behind our house.  I loved how all sounds seemed muffled, how the falling clumps of snow would harrumph to the ground when a breeze would touch the upper stories of the tree branches, and how black the tree trunks and vines would look in contrast to all the white.

I enjoyed how all the ordinary sights were altered, elevating my senses and encouraging me to admire what was all around.
If you are lucky to have snow, venture out in the stuff.  Listen, look, and admire.
Wishing you a happy weekend,

{This is what I am dreaming of... a heavy snow that blankets everything}