Five Things to Admire on Gray and Rainy Winter Days

1. Puddles

Whether it is the pattern rings from raindrops, the mirror-like reflectivity, or the varied reflections from debris, puddles can be beautiful.


2.  Drops of Water on Branches

Water droplets are like little jewels dangling from branches.


3.  Surface Textures

On damp days, textures seem to stand out more.


4.  Pattern of Tree Branches


5.  How Green Green Appears

I love how bright and brilliant green seems on gray days, this is something I had never noticed before.


The weather has been particularly gray and somber this week, and I began to wonder what was worth noticing and appreciating.  And after a few days of going out in the cold drizzle I found many details to admire.

 Wishing you a wonderful weekend,