Changes are afoot...


I am about to begin on a big change... well, not so much me per se, but that of my blog and website.

Elizabeth Floyd Studio is about to launch its new unified self... the blog and website will be an integrated whole. Both will look different but hopefully feel the same. Welcoming you to find inspiration and ways to live a creative life. When you visit the new unified site, I want you to feel at home, welcomed like a friend visiting over a cup of tea. I want us to get to know each other more, maybe chat more... and share our love of beauty and the everyday moments that make life so special.

I am hoping that you will find it easier to look around, browse, and find what you are seeking, and maybe share... I have so many ideas to expand upon and explore with you that I cannot wait to get started sharing them in their new home.

I feel such a sense of excitement because all the hard work is about to be born and presented to the world to see. Creating a new website from scratch is a large project, one I have been working on for several months... It has been a team effort and one worth while... up until now it has been completed in the background while everything else was going on... as if it did not exist. So much was thought out and decided up, colors, fonts, and formatting. I hope you like it.

Tomorrow is the big day...

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