February Rose Bouquet, 12 x 10 inches


February Bouquet in the Studio{yarns, buttons, and a painting on the studio worktable}

I love February for so many reasons, the focus on love, friendship, and chocolate... and for the abundance of roses available. During the whole month, you can find beautiful roses by the dozen just about everywhere.

This past week has been filled with love and creativity, with time dedicated towards creating this painting, and also making gifts for Naomi, just because. I will share one of the crafting projects tomorrow... until then... I want to share some of the thoughts I had while painting...

February Rose Bouquet

February Rose Bouquet

As inspired as I am by the roses, when working on this painting, I was drawn to the delicate play of light and pattern of the variegated green leaves of the vinca vine. To me they seemed to express something more deep and feeling than a bouquet of only roses... Sharing a since of play and fun. At one point in the painting I had some fallen rose petals on the table surface, but eventually painted them out because they were taking away attention from the movement the leaves were creating on the canvas.

Still Life with a Cut Lemon on a Pewter Plate, books, and Irises

{12" x 10" (30.5 x 25.4 cm) – oil on linen panel}
{18" x 16" (45.7 x 40.6 cm) with frame}
Framed painting: $600.00 + S&H
CulledElizabeth Floyd