Slowing down for a bit...


20130314 tete-e-tete-daffodils Hello,

Sorry to have been so scarce this week... it turns out that things have been so busy this year that I have been dealing with a high level of sickness and fatigue. It all began when I caught pneumonia right before this Christmas and when I began to feel better, instead of being wise and slowly ramping up to my previous schedule... I immediately began incorporating everything back into my life, all the while, I was also trying to play catch up from the two weeks of being bed ridden.

Not very wise, but all heartfelt, because I love my career and I dislike being away from the easel and paint.

So after coming down with my third cold last week Wednesday, I finally decided to slow down some and allow myself a real break.

This is what I have been doing. I have been reading, going for long walks with Naomi, followed by resting, eating good food, and resting some more. I still have some scheduled activities planned for this month, and I will be keeping up with those commitments, but all the other time I would regularly be spending in the studio painting and creating art, I am choosing to rest and recharge.

So for the rest of March, I will not have any new paintings to share. Instead I will share some other items... like some favorite paint mixtures, a recipe for some yummy Irish comfort food, and whatever else happens to catch my attention...

Thanks for being understanding,