Life lately...

Hello, How has your spring been like?  I am so happy the world around is beginning to bloom, next week is bound to be beautiful!

IMG_2739 IMG_2797
IMG_2612 IMG_2489
IMG_2629 IMG_2738
IMG_2809 IMG_2461
IMG_2744 IMG_2741
IMG_2813 IMG_2786
IMG_2594 IMG_2589

This week is still part of the "rest break" I am on to help get better, and so far I am slowly recovering...  I am now beginning to feel better with each day and look forward to getting totally back on my feet.

I have still been trying to stay engaged with day-to-day  and be available for Naomi.  We have had some special days and I am so thankful for them.

Thanks for stopping by, I so appreciate it and will hopefully returning to regular posting in April.  Until then, I have been active with instagram and facebook some... Have a wonderful Easter!  Liz

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